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Merle Randlepp

I started working in the web technology industry in 1994 when the World Wide Web was just 5 years old. During the time I moved on from a developer role onto new challenges and have served as an analyst, project manager, and a managing director. I have been fortunate to work with the brightest experts to create several influential software products on the Estonian IT scene.

Before starting independent Agile Coach work, I served 7 years as a Scrum Master in different international development teams. In addition, I have been in business analyst, project manager and consultant roles. The majority of my projects have involved creating digital solutions for the clients of the  digital agency Wunder, but there have been early-startup projects as well.

I have studied Informatics in Tartu University, Estonia and got certified as Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) (Scrum.org) in 2015.

Today, after a long time working for Scrum Master, I have moved on to the role of Agile Coach and work with several organisations and teams at the same time. My goal is to pass on the knowledge I have gained and to help spread an agile mindset by writing a blog and organising various workshops and trainings. 

years in Software Business



years in international teams

software products

companies founded


Thanks to my long experience as a software project manager, I can clearly see the various benefits of an agile development process, and I can advise the team on WHY this practice is successful in a particular situation.

Having been in the role of both a developer and a business analyst, I can see the business needs in addition to the technological aspects.

I started doing business right after university and know what it is like to create value and make money in the private sector. I have been the managing director of a small Estonian company with 20 people and the country manager of an international company with 150 people and have learned how to build a business culture that makes employees happy.

Together with talented teams, I have built various software products like Saurus CMS (2002-2014) – at the time the most popular content management software in Estonia, Government Portal (2013-2014) – an official platform for all public sector websites, HUGS (2019) – a peer-to-peer feedback and recognition app for employees, and am involved as a consultant in the ticketing software startup Fienta (2017).

I have been a mentor and a coach, conducted trainings and IT audits, acted as a client supervisor, and participated as a consultant in many different projects.

In 2018, I completed the “Expert Level Data Protection Officer (DPO)“ course at TalTech University and after that did a number of corporate data protection audits and even started a small GDPR blog, but by now it has become just useful background information for doing business analyses.

Most interesting projects

websites, e-shops, intranets, web-based business solutions

2019 Postimees
2017 Äripäev
2017 Bonnier Business Forum OY
2016 ERJK – Estonian Political Parties Financial Supervisory Committee
2015 Tallinn University of Technology (now TalTech)
2013 Government Portal, official platform for all public sector websites
2013 Central Bank of Estonia
2013 Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
2012 Estonian Post (now Omniva)
2012 University of Tartu
2010 Selver
2010 Liviko
2008 Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia
2008 Estonian Air
2008 Tallinn University of Technology (now TalTech)
2007 Cyberattacks on Estonia, fighting on the front
2007 Statistics Estonia
2007 Nasdaq Baltic OMX
2007 Estonian Tax and Customs Board (EMTA)
2006 Ministry of the Interior
2006 Olympic Casino
2006 Sampo Bank (now Danske Bank)
2005 Estonian Government
2005 Riigikogu, Parliament of Estonia
2005 EMT (now Telia)
2005 GO group
2003 Radiolinja (now Elisa)
2002 Estonian Police
2002 Res Publica
2001 Postimees
2001 Emor
2001 Eesti Telefon / Elion (now Telia)
2000 Mäkitorppa e-shop
2000 Microlink
2000 Falck ESS
1997 CV-Online

Hobbies and interests

The most important things in life are your relationships with other people.

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